6 Weeks Old {Lafayette Newborn Photographer}

I spent an evening with this super fun and super relaxed family. Their daughter is six weeks old and very expressive. We were able to get a couple sleeping baby pictures but I was really wishing I had a silent shutter mode on my camera because with every shutter release she questioned if she really wanted to be asleep.


Three Months Old {Denver Baby Photographer}

Three months old is a tricky age to photograph; they aren’t the sleep newborn anymore but they aren’t as stable as a six month old. This little man did an awesome job yesterday and mom and dad were very helpful in making sure everything we did was safe. The whole family is so sweet and laid back!

The rocking chair belonged to his grandmother when she was a little girl. This is what I love about using props the family already owns. They add that special touch to a photograph that only they will have. Love it!

Nine Months Old {Fort Collins Lifestyle Photographer}

Nine months old is a great age, they are expressive, curious, but not so mobile. I brought my son on this shoot to assist and he did a great job. He took some photos and helped get this little lady to laugh by yelling out things like “pickle juice” and “road runner.”

This first set was taken at Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins. The rain was moving in so the background had this ethereal feel right before we got poured on.

Once the rain started we headed back to their house and took some casual portraits.


Nora {Boulder Newborn Photographer}

One of my favorite parts about being self employed are the unexpected phone calls I get that completely change my day. Friday I was at the library with my kids and received a request for a newborn photoshoot. Could I fit them in? Sure! When? How about today! Having my own kids has taught me that you have to remain flexible and if you do some pretty great stuff can come your way.

Meet Nora, she is pretty amazing.

I don’t bring a lot of newborn props because I want the images to be meaningful to the family. Mom had the idea to add the nut butters because Justin’s Nut Butter is their company. I love it (and the nut butter- seriously, if you haven’t tried them you are missing out)! The blanket Nora is sleeping on was her mom’s and so was that apple. I had one of those apples and loved it.

The Blessingway

Have you ever attended or hosted a blessingway? This past Friday I was invited to one to celebrate a mom that is about to give birth for the second time. Unlike baby showers where the focus is on presents and games, a blessingway is about honoring the woman. A blessingway can be based in religious teachings and scripture or it can be completely secular. Either way, it is a group of women coming together to honor, respect and care for the mother.

The food was incredible and gluten-free! Dr. Lorraine Caron, ND made the gorgeous cake and our hostess made the yummiest sugar body scrubs as favors. After eating we each made inspirational signs for the momma to reflect on as she gets closer to labor. Mine said “Let Go.” We also made flags with fabric and special crayons that represented home. I pulled my inspiration from the song Home Is Wherever I’m With You, by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.Instead of baby gifts we were asked to bring natural personal care items for mom and baby. We each brought two beads, one that we presented to the mom and the other we gave to her first-born. The beads were strung into a bracelet that she can use leading up to or during labor to remember that she has a loving and supporting community around her.

Beautiful baby belly!If you would like to learn more about blessingways I suggest you check out:

I preferred the blessingway to the traditional baby shower. I would love to hear if you have been to/hosted/been on the receiving end of a blessingway and what was your favorite part?

NICU Photography Sessions

Sometimes it takes a while for a great idea to come to life. I have been working on offering families with infants in the NICU complimentary photo sessions for a while. After trying a couple different paths to get it up and running it was clear that the best way was to blaze my own path.

Starting today I am officially booking NICU photography sessions. If you are interested please contact me at either Colorado.Doula@gmail.com or 720-333-4678. You can also contact me via the contact form on the top of my main page.

More Details:

  • Session will be scheduled based on my availability.
  • I ask that you speak with your pediatrician to discuss what is safe for your baby, I will work with your baby’s specific needs.
  • I won’t be using a flash but may bring a small studio light.
  • These will be lifestyle photographs, so no props or backdrops will be used.
  • Yes, this is for free.

10 Days New {Louisville, CO Newborn Photographer}

This little lady was amazing for her newborn photo session. For almost two and a half hours I barely heard one whimper of protest from her. She seemed so content just to take in everything going on around her.

I love being welcomed into people’s home, and capture these moments for them. There is so much excitement, joy and nervousness surrounding a new baby. Seriously, pinch me that this is my job!

Modeling is exhausting!Dads seem to make the best swaddles.Can’t forget the first baby. What a mug!