Family Pictures {Upstate NY}

Two brothers equals two family sessions. This pictures were taken at a park in Palmyra, NY on the edge of the Erie Canal. They did a great job and this was one of the fastest family photo shoots I have ever done. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any good submissions for Awkward Family Photo, but there is always next year!

Could he be any more huggable?After the official photos we headed over to a park and the kids looked at me oddly as I laid on the ground to try and get this shot. Not your typical portrait but to me is screams CHILDHOOD. 10 seconds after this shot all the kids were covered in mud and water. Made for a great day. Thanks Dan and Cheryl!


Family Vacation = Family Photos

I just got back from my trip back east and got to spend a week at my brother’s house in central Massachusetts. We were able to squeeze in a quick family session. The location and light were so perfect.

I am a sucker for Dad and kid/baby photos!I love how the light makes him look like he is stepping into a pool of sunshine.

The Birthday Present {Fort Collins Family Photographer}

These pictures were taken as a surprise to give their dad for his birthday! The weather was warm and the kids did a great job.

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Mina, the older sister, is one year older that my daughter and they share a lot of the same personality traits so when I look at her I feel like I get a glimpse into my future.

I was lucky enough to be present for the birth of Maggie as doula and birth photographer. She is one of the happiest little babies I know!

Hope Dad had a wonderful birthday!