I Heart Faces Challenge

This is my submission for the I Heart Faces Pet challenge. I love this little guy!Image

Photo Challenge Submission


Becoming Mothers, Boulder CO

I spent the morning hanging some birth photos at Becoming Mothers in Boulder today. I love this place. Unlike big box baby gear stores, Becoming Mothers has a very helpful and knowledgeable staff and you know the products they carry are going to be the highest quality.

I shared two birth stories and hope women will see how beautiful birth photography can be. This first set is a a group of three metal prints. I love the modern look of metal prints.

This is a 10×30 luster print that has been mounted. Here is a glimpse of just some of the awesome products they carry. Love Motherlove, also a Northern Colorado company!

Need a nursing bra? I had no idea how comfortable and supportive a nursing bra could be until I had my son and tried on a Bravado nursing bra here.

Amber necklaces and teething beads!You should go check them out. Any clients that book will now receive at 10% discount coupon to Becoming Mothers. We are also working out the details to for customers to be able to add my services to their store registry… stay tuned for more details.

They are located in the Village Shopping Center in Boulder at 28th & Arapahoe Ave, two doors down from Grandrabbits Toy Store.

Here is their address and phone: 2525 Arapahoe Ave Boulder, CO 80302  303.546.6262

Celebrate Mom!

I am going to take a wild guess and say that at your house Mom is the one that is always taking the family pictures and is rarely actually in a photo! Show Mom how special and deserving she is with a mini photo session where she will be the center of attention.

Additional prints and complete digital negatives also available for purchase.

If you are interested you can call me at (720) 333-4678, send me an email or use the form below!

Infant Massage {Fort Collins Photographer}

Yesterday I was invited to observe and photograph one of Valerie DeMasi’s  infant massage classes. I had no experience whatsoever with infant massage and really had no idea what to expect when I got there.

Valerie, the owner of Baby Bodywork, walked the parents through the basics of infant massage and how to listen to your child when they are still unable to speak. I love the idea of respecting that your infant has an opinion and learning to understand what they are telling you through body cues. The babies were pretty chill by the end of the class and I was wishing I had time that day to go get a massage myself!

This is Amanda DeAngelis of Nine Births Childbirth Services. She organized this event and is also a childbirth educator and birth doula. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Valerie has also made her own massage oils geared specifically towards babies. It smells wonderful and is made completely out of food-grade oils. On her website she offers  different packages for colic, sleep, reflux and constipation. Massage kits come with a Kit Book, with specific massage instructions, a 1 oz. bottle of hand-crafted massage oil and a beautiful bag, to keep the kit together.

Thank you to Amanda and Valerie for having me there!