Confidence {Parker, CO Maternity Photographer}

I spent Sunday evening with an amazing couple. She is so beautiful and her husband was so in love with her, it was an awesome energy to be around. I don’t know what it is about having a gorgeous baby belly, but the women I am around just seem to ooze confidence and beauty.

I can’t wait to photographer their newborn (and I have my fingers crossed to be their birth photographer too)!


Family Pictures {Upstate NY}

Two brothers equals two family sessions. This pictures were taken at a park in Palmyra, NY on the edge of the Erie Canal. They did a great job and this was one of the fastest family photo shoots I have ever done. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any good submissions for Awkward Family Photo, but there is always next year!

Could he be any more huggable?After the official photos we headed over to a park and the kids looked at me oddly as I laid on the ground to try and get this shot. Not your typical portrait but to me is screams CHILDHOOD. 10 seconds after this shot all the kids were covered in mud and water. Made for a great day. Thanks Dan and Cheryl!

Three Months Old {Denver Baby Photographer}

Three months old is a tricky age to photograph; they aren’t the sleep newborn anymore but they aren’t as stable as a six month old. This little man did an awesome job yesterday and mom and dad were very helpful in making sure everything we did was safe. The whole family is so sweet and laid back!

The rocking chair belonged to his grandmother when she was a little girl. This is what I love about using props the family already owns. They add that special touch to a photograph that only they will have. Love it!

Nine Months Old {Fort Collins Lifestyle Photographer}

Nine months old is a great age, they are expressive, curious, but not so mobile. I brought my son on this shoot to assist and he did a great job. He took some photos and helped get this little lady to laugh by yelling out things like “pickle juice” and “road runner.”

This first set was taken at Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins. The rain was moving in so the background had this ethereal feel right before we got poured on.

Once the rain started we headed back to their house and took some casual portraits.